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In today's flooring market, there are a variety of flooring types from which to choose. If you are looking to upgrade the floor of your kitchen, living room, or bathroom, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) flooring is a smart choice. Our team at Aesthetic Flooring has put together a quick breakdown of what makes LVP so great. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring!

Water Proof

Sometimes accidents happen, so you don't want a floor that's going to be damaged by a spilled glass of water. Luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, so even if your floor gets wet from an overflowed cup or from someone spilling something, the floor itself will stay as good as new. It's also easy to clean - just sweep up the floor and mop with some soapy water to clean up any spills.

Pet Proof

Just like being waterproof, luxury vinyl flooring is pet-proof too. This flooring type is resistant to scratches from pets' claws, making it a safe flooring option even if you have dogs or cats running around your home. You can also easily sweep or mop up pet hair with luxury vinyl flooring, compared to harder floor types like hardwoods where it might be more difficult to get all of the hair picked up.

Maintains Appearance

High-quality luxury vinyl planks have an anti-scratch coating. LVP flooring will keep its original look. It won't be damaged by water, moisture, scuffs, scratches, impacts, or pet paws. Special finishes are applied at the manufacturing plant that both protects the floor from wear and tear while also offering exceptional stain resistance. Luxury vinyl flooring will keep its pristine glossy look for many years to come.

No Wax Maintenance

Some common types of flooring require regular wax maintenance or changing out old wax with new wax once every few years. Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, however, is a no-wax surface and does not require any wax maintenance. This means you can save yourself a lot of time and effort with this floor!

If you want to learn more about luxury vinyl planks or other types of flooring types, visit our flooring showroom today! Floor showrooms are an excellent way to see all kinds of flooring samples and find the flooring type that best matches your flooring needs. Contact Aesthetic Flooring today to learn more and schedule an appointment!

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