Tile and stone can add a unique sense of style and elegance to your home or commercial property. With a variety of types, textures, colors and patterns available, this versatile flooring can take your space to the next level. In addition to providing a durable surface for both indoor and outdoor use, tile and stone are low maintenance and affordable. At Aesthetic Flooring, we offer Northern Colorado a large variety of quality tile and stone options that are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms, great rooms, patios and beyond!

Choose From a Variety of Tile and Stone Options

Tile Options

  • Wall Tile
  • Glazed Ceramic Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Through-Body Porcelain Tile
  • Glass Tile
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile

Natural Stone Options

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Quartzite & Limestone

The PEI-Wear Rating Scale, Water Absorption, Tile Shading and Tile Hardness

Determining which type of tile is most suitable for your commercial, industrial or residential location can be difficult and confusing. Don’t decide alone. Our expert staff has years of experience and can offer the honest advice you need. Most tiles are rated for wear resistance on the PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) Scale. This scale ranks tile from one (lowest) to five (highest).

Water absorption and shading should also be considered with purchasing tile. Tile being used outdoors should always have a very low water absorption rate. Like any natural product, the shading and coloring will vary from tile to tile. Tile hardness and ability to resist scratching is typically tested using the MOHS Test and Rating System. This system ranks tiles from one (softest) to 10 (hardest).

Trust the Experts to Handle Your Job

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